Having a Deeper Understanding of the Mass: Part 3

We must love the Mass, we must love the Mass because it is at the Mass where we meet our best friend every time. It is at the Mass where we live the mystery of our salvation and where we receive the graces needed to bring those graces out into the world. When we worthily receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist then he lives in us and we live in him and we bring him out into the world, into the midst of our ordinary lives, and through us the world encounters Him. When we do this the ordinary moments of life become extraordinary because they are moments lived with our best friend and he’s the one that makes them extraordinary. 

These thoughts are not meant to be exhaustive. There are greater and holier men and women who have written wonderful things about the Mass. I am simply writing this so you can, hopefully, come to love the Mass a little bit more so that, when you go experience it, you can enter into it more and more. As we enter it more we see that our friend has never left us, we see what he has done for us, we live the love he offers us, and we are changed from the inside out to be the person we were made to be- a friend of God.

The Mass is the perfect act of worship. We worship God in many ways. Sometimes we pray, at other times we sing (perhaps), we worship him in our work when we do it well and offer it to him or in our play. Think about that. When we go out and have fun whether on a sports field, at the beach or just hanging out with friends, yes- even playing a video game- we worship God (if we unite those things to him). By using the body, mind and soul he gave us we offer him praise. In prayer we worship him in a particular way by speaking words of love to him and by thanking him for the gifts he gives us. But it is at the Mass where we do all that to perfection. 

At Mass the worship is directed to Our Father in heaven through Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Like the priest says before we stand for the Our Father, “through Him, with Him, in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours almighty Father, forever and ever.” We thank the Father, we worship the Father because he sent his Son for us. We worship the Son because he freely chose to hand himself over and totally give himself for us. We worship the Spirit because he enlivens us and gives us the fire of God’s love for us.